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Washington DC / United States of America

You can arrive to the USA's control center Washington D.C with an almost 11 hours flight from different places and you can go to city center in one hour from Dullis International Airport.

You can see closely the National Congresium Building in which so many decisions made that effects not only USA but also all the world, and the White House that is the house of the presidents for long years. You can be one of the tourists that visits National Park in the side of Patomac Lake. This park is full with speech memories that is given by important persons like Lincoln, Martin Luther King. Here you can also visit the monument which is built for dying in Vietnam war and so many museums. We definetly offer you to add National Zoological Museum to your guide where you can see many different animals like panda,zebra.

In the 13 museum of Smithsonian Institute you can examine closely so many artistic and academic pieces without paying money. The Georgetown area is the most dynamic part of the city that full with so many shops, cafes and restaurants. This important Capital Washington D.C, city of museums and monuments, also waits you with its naturel living environment city center.

Top Tips

White House

It is the presidants house. For visiting inside the white house, you should apply to embassy almost 6 months before. Who wants to visit the house, The adrees is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC USA You can also see inside the house interactively from the down link

National Mall

National Mall is the national park that inholds Capitol, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and many naturel parks like that. As you see, the only city that inholds a park inside the park can be said for Washington

Washington Monument

This monument, which is known as the highest obelisk with its 169 meter height, Has been built in memory of the first president of USA's George Washington. Because looking like a pencil this monument is called as "the pencil" between locals and it is regarded as one of the most important symbol of American history.

National History Museum

This museum has been built modernly and interactively. You can join 3D cinema shows more than once in the museum. Furthermore, with entering a room that is full with thousands colorful butterflies, you can live a visual feast. Even before going out from the room, you are getting frisked whether there is any butterfly on you.

Don't Forget To Make George Town Tour

This is the place that you will feel yourself like you are at Taksim, Bebek, or Tunalı Hilmi, Alsancak. There is special places that you can shop from or go to cafes. Especially Visconsin Avenue and M Street are the most living streets. When you go down from Visconsin Street you reach to K Street. Washington Harbour Waterfront is here. Here you can find so many cafes and restaurants just in front of Potomac River.


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