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San Francisco / United States of America

You can reach California's culturel and financial center San Francisco with an almost 15 hours flight from more than 50 countries and almost 300 countries have direct lines and by using the developed transformation lines you can go to city center in half an hour from San Francisco International Airport.

This beautiful city that inspired so many movies and tv shows, is the hometown of so many iconical buildings like Alcatras prison and Golden Gate Bridge. The trolleys which passes between the Victorian style colorful San Francisco style homes, glamourize the city. You can take one way ticket for this trolleys cheaper than 10 USD.

You can find so many delicious meals serving restaurants, cafes and shopping malls in Union Square. It is possible to find many shops and restaurants that can be enjoying for sea lovers at the Fisherman's Warf in bayside. When you go to the sea side the sea lions will say hello to you at Port 39. You can watch all over the city from Coit Tower builded in 1930's. Coit Tower waits its visitors everyday till 18.00 p.m.Also you can reach to Telegraph Hill populer with its red head parrots by climbing 400 stairs. But there is no doubt that when you finished climbing the landscape you will see will take all your tiredness.

Please dont forget to go to spirally downhill Lombard Street. From five star hotels to hostels, there are so many accomodation type in San Francisco.

Top Tips

City By The Bay

California is situated at the west side of America. San Francisco is established at a place at Pacific Ocean side which makes a big bay on America mainland. Because of this, here is called as "City by the Bay"

There is 3 Hours Difference Between New York and San Francico

When you go to New York from San Francisco, there is 3 hours difference. So if you wake up early in the morning and go to New York, you can live 3 hours more.

See the World Brands Closely with Union Square

You should definetyly spend time there. You can find the most popular brands just next to you. Apple Store, Ferrari Store, Disney Store and many popular fashion shops are around this square. Also you can take a rest on the greens at the square or you can hire a bicycle and take a tour around.

Colt Tower- 360 Degree San Francisco

Pay 6 USD and enter this unique place, where you can see San Francisco with 360 degree wiew. It is a little bit hard to reach Colt Town but the wiew is spectecular. The only problem is everywhere is full with window. You must take pictures back from window.

You Can Buy a Jean For Yourself from Levi's Plaza

You can visit the museum inside the Levi's Plaza and buy yourself an 501 jean. After all it will be best to buy a jean from its original shop.


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