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San Diego / United States of America

It is possible for you to arrive California's second city San Francisco within almost 20 hours by switched lines from different destinations and you can go to center in 15 minutes from International San Diego airport. You can find a really sunny weather in San Diego all year long also the average weather is really heigh. San Diego has a long costline at Pasific Ocean.You can enjoy sea, sand and the sun in the beaches also you can watch the dolphins in Pasific.This beautiful city in the Mexican Border is physically closed to Los Angeles but if we compare their population and rush, they are so away from each other.

San Diego is a hospitable and nature friendly city. You can visit the Sea World team park, The San Diego Zoo where you can see so many different animal species and The San Diego Safari Park in which you will feel yourself as in a documentary. Also the museums like San Diego Sea Museum, History of Nature museum opens their doors to visitors. In summet you can meet so many big sculptures in beaches at the San Diego Sand Sculpture festival.

All the beaches in the city are so populer for surfers especially the Pasific Beach.We offer you not to finish your San Diego tour before trying so many water sports like surfing in the ocean.Suitable for discovering all year long with its tempere weather San Diego also has so fertile soils for growing fruits and vegetables because of it you can take a rest and drink somethings at the restaurants and cafes where you can taste these delicious foods. when shopping in the Old Town where you will feel the Latin soul, at historical Gaslamp Street,, you can make new friendships without realize how time passed. It is also possible to find an accodomation alternative for every budget and every taste.

Top Tips

It is one of the most Favorite City in USA

If someone asks why San Diego is so favorite like that, we can say that because of its tempere climate all year long, economic life standart, cheaper prices than Los Angeles, its beaches and its colorful life.

At Any Moment You Can See a Mexican

San Diego is situated at the Mexican Borderline, Because of this most of the workers in San Diego are Mexican. Also San Diego is the closest city to Mexica, so they are talking Spanish like mothertoungly.

Cabrillo National Monument

The Park that you can see the wonderful San Diego wiew from here. It is known as the first place that European Discoverer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo come in 1542 at the west side of America.

San Diego SeaWorld

There is a themepark where you can see the best events of animals, in SeaWorld famous for its shows. You can watch Shamu's amazing show, dolphins incredible performance, excellent aquariums and the other visual shows in the park.

San Diego Night Life

Los Angeles and Mexico affects San Diego night life. Especially you can feel the affect of Mexican Latin music and popular Los Angeles discos bars and clubs


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