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New York / United States of America

You can arrive to one of the worlds most cosmopolit city New York after an almost according to your locattion11 hours flight and upwards of 300 international destinations have direct links to New York, then you can go this crowded citys center by bus in 40 minutes from JFK Airport.

Life in the New York never stops city is alive and crowded 24 hours long. There is no doubt that the Times Square is one of the most crowded and alive place. The flashing signs in the square is like carrying the firework's deposit which sets off every year in the square from 1900's.There are so many iconic buildings, museums and touristic places in Manhattan, which determine the directions of not only te cities and countries but also the worlds.

In New York, so many art movements and styles starting point, you can see so many iconic building closely like Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty.. In New York, where every year 40 million people visits, maybe you will have a chance to watch a Nroadway Musical or you can go to an open concert of worldwide groups in Central Park. Visiting the Bronx Zoo is just one of the most joying activity to do with your family, you can join the sprit of shopping in Madison Avenue, also you can taste Bagels and New York style Italian pizza. You can feel like you are in a movie scene when passing by Brooklyn Bridget which binds Brooklyn and Manhattan. But please dont leave New York before watching this not sleeping citie's landscape from Rockfeller Center's Top of The Rock level.

Top Tips

Enjoy Wandering at Times Square

Whereever you look there is a world full of lights and it is really amazing wandering in a city which hosts the most tourists from all around the world meanwhile. This is the place that everyone who goes to Nw York take picture here and popular commercial films shoot. And at any moment you can drop by with a celebrity here.

Empire State

A skytower in New York. It is situated between 33.rd and streets at Fifth Avenue Manhattan. İts adress is; 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10118. On May 1, 1931 Empire State assume the title of the highest building from Chrysler Building which was the highest one till that day. Its instruction finished at 1932. There are populer educational instutations in the building.

Theatre with Celebrities at Broadway

New York is full with entertainment almost 24 hours. You should make reservation to see an really expensive Broadway Show that celebrities take place. Other theatres like Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet are also popular.

24 Hours Transportation in New York

In New York, where is shown as one of the most cosmopolit city in the world, it is possible for you to use transportation system 24 hours. At all hours of the day and night you can see a worker for you to help if you want to go anywhere.

Enjoy Shopping

New York is blessing for shopaholics. Popular designers shops, shopping centers and the stands on the streets gives many alternatives to its visitors. Macy's Herald Square is the biggest shop in the world and the populer shopping place in the city. You can find popular brands shops at Times Square, 5th and 6th Avenue, and at some part of Madison Avenue.


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