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Miami / United States of America

You can reach just a southern with its warm and enjoying atmosphere Miami according to your location after almost an 15 hours flight from more than 250 countries and you can go to city center in 1 hour by bus from International Miami Airport. The party never stops in Miami also you will be fascinated by its golden seasides.

In the morning you can enjoy the sea, sands and the sun in the seasides at the Atlantic ocean, in the night join the colorful night life and make your holiday more funny. Palms and skyscapers are important figures that creates the city's silluette. You can take an island tour which are surrended with coral sides also when discovereng the Miami spirit, you can visit so many museums and art galleries especially Wynwood, you can watch alive a matcht of he really competitive team Miami

Don't forget to create a time for a royal vacation experience.

Top Tips

The City That Doesn't Lives Winter All Year Long

If you dont know what winter is you will not know also in Miami. You can enjoy sea and beaches all year long, you can pretty entertain and you can spend your time joyously in a place under the thumb of Cuba.

Miami Cruise Harbours

Miami Harbour is the departure point of Cruise Tours. Because of this, every season of the year so many foreign and local visitors comes to Miami

Make Early Booking

The rule for the whole America is like that; If you think a small vacation on bank holidays or on recess time of the schools, make your rezervation early or else that vacation will costs you so expensive or maybe you can not find empty place.

Ocean Drive

The area which is full with many bars and restaurants isday and night long so lively and colorful. You can choose a restaurant from here for dinner.

The Go Miami Card

The ones who want to see and visit closely Miami and the places around Miami, Go Miami Card is a super alternative. You can use this card for 32 different activity and you can buy this card for 1,2,3,5 days.


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