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Los Angeles / United States of America

You can reach to the heart of the American Dream Los Angeles after almost 12 hours flight according to your destination. More than 250 countries have direct flight to Los Angeles After arrived to the International Los Angeles Airport, by a 1 hour long bus trip you can go to the city of angels. Los Angeles streets are full off delicious restaurants, cafes and colorful shops and they are always active. While walking it is really possible for you to drop by a worldwide popular celebrity.

You can enjoy the sea, sand and the sun in the three and a half long courtyard and İn Santa Monica, you can take a look to this amazing city panorama from Ferris Wheel, which is the only chair swing ride works with solar energy in the world.There are so many activities in the city like one of the symbols of the city with its more than a century long history Pier Santa Monica and Pasific Park.

Just as you arrive to the city, you can point out the Los Angeles people's passion for cars. We definetly offer you to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum which is charming with its architecture.You can visit Hollywood where you can find the leading film studios of worlds cinema sector, movie platos and the world celebrities's houses. The legendary Hollywood writing at the Lee mount will open you a door of a different world.After eating delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, and so many other kind of street foods, you can continue searching city. From RunYon Canyon you can watch the wonderfully red sunset.
RunYon Kanyonundan hiç olmadığı kadar kızıl ve güzel gün batımını seyredebilirsiniz. Maybe you can take the chance to attend an amazing concerts of Los Angeles Philarmony Orchestra's. In the architecturelly awarded salon of Walt Disney.

Top Tips

Hire a Roadster and Take a Tour In The City

Take a L.A tour with roadster. Especially add Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach to you route. Also don't forget to see the costline

Los Angeles has the best climate in USA. In winter, the weather is generally warm, in summer it is hot enough to please you.

Don't Return Before Shopping

You can find many shops in Los Angeles where you can buy so many chique things for all budget. Enjoy an entertaining shopping from Outlet Shops around, for make your relatives smile and fulfill your bag.

Join California Tours on Weekend

In your spear time join a tour a near city and Live the California dream personally. Especiall dont go back before visiting San Diego and San Francisco

Watch Los Angeles Lakers

Enjoy watching Los Angeles Lakers at its own place which is one of the vogue team of NBA. For a cheap ticket, certainly look at the schedule before and buy your ticket. ( )


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