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Chicago / United States of America

You can reach to Chicago,where opens you a different world's doors with its skyscaprers in the Michigan lake side, from different destinations around the world after almost an 12 hours flight after your arriving you can go in 1 hour to this Illionis's beautiful city center by bus from Chicago O'hare airport.

Every year Chicago welcomes almost 86 Million tourists and he best two words which can describe this beautiful city are scyscapers and the parks you can find in all over the city. Also when you say Chicago the other thing comes in mind is their sport matches.You can watch one of the worlds most succesful Basketball team Chicago Bulls's competitive match and you can wait the last minute triple entering to the basket. World's 8th., USA's 2.nd highest scyscaper Willis will amazes you. Under the emballishing the city panorama scyscapers, you can watch sky with different eyes. You can not realize how the time passes when joining the crowd and doing shopping at Michigan Street full with worldwde brands.

Are you ready to meet with prehistorical dinasours fosils at Field Museum where you can see not only America's but also so many countries historical pieces. Its all year long lasting concers, cinema and theatre activities Chicago is ready with its hospitality to hug you.

Top Tips

Places You Should Visit at Chicago

John Hancock Building (360 Chicago) Millenium Park The Bean The Art Institute of Chicago (Sanat Müzesi) City Outlets of Chicago (Alışveriş severlere)


It is the first place that you should visit which has Sky Deck on his top. Why? Because it is the third biggest skytower in the world with 442 meter long. With the antenna put on his top in 1982, its height became 527 meter. And also this antenna has dubbed as the longest antenna in the world with 85 meter.

The Loop

Chicago's city center is called as The Loop and also here is Chicago's main plaza center. İt is consist of 9 vertical, 8 horizontal streets. Most of the skytowers are here.

Navy Pier

You should visit Navy Pier if you both want to wander and enjoy at Chicago. İt is especially offered for families with children. It is used as a big pier for Americans navy training. Nowadays you can eat your dinner at the rastaurants on it which has different world cuisines and you can enjoy at the game areas with you children.

Special İnfos

Istanbul-Chicago: Flight 12 Hours Currency: Dolar Time Difference: 8 hours back From airport to city center by car : 30-40 minutes (taxi 55 USD) For wandering 3 days will be enough


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