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Boston / United States of America

You can arrive Boston from almost more than 50 countries after an 10 hours flight and which is one of the oldest city of the continent. When you arrive it will take only 20 minutes going to the city center from International Boston Logal Airport.Boston, The home town of essential universities like Harvard and MIT, also has a great economical and social history.The city, which welcomes so many tourists everyyear, also gives you a warm hug with its unnumerable amazing museums, extremely exciting and competitive sport matches and with its buildings and streets where you can find history and historical persons footsteps .

The libraries, in which you can find shelves full with books, so many museums and all year long activities makes it faster for you to get used to the city.There are so many small local shops and also worldwide brands in the city center.In the Fenway Park, the heart of the Boston, at the stadium you can see a competitive baseball match of Red Sox together with the legend Red Sox supporters.
300. yaşını kutlayan bu yaşlı şehrin dinamik atmosferi sizi kendisine hayran bırakacak.
The dynamic atmosphere of this 300 years old city will amaze you.

Along the almost 4 kilometers long Freedom Trail, you can follow the footsteps of American revolution. You can have a good journey in the history.There are so many emeraid gardens and parks in the city like Boston Common,Olmsted Park,Jamaica Bond you can take small walks in them.When you stop by a cafe or a restaurant in which you can find all types of worldwide foods,in the city for your snack time you will feel yourself like you are in a food fairy.

Top Tips

Don't Go Back Before Shopping

The Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace are the most popular places for tourists whic have 255 years past with their street vendors, festivals, restaurands and shops.

Enjoy the Night Life

It can not be thought that there is no night life in Boston where is hometown of more than 50 universities. Boston definetly gives you a colorful nightlife.

Go To The Exciteful Matches

Boston hosts many professional sport teams from many different sports branchs. Watch at least one match of American football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey team.

If You Love Walking This Route Is Right For You

Boston is named as "Walking City". The Freedom Trail is one of the historical tour of America and in 2 to 3 times you can visit 16 historical area in this tour. The red line on the sidewalk links the historical places on Freedom Trail Way.

Always Carry a Sweater With You

Boston has a climate that lives four seasons. Especially if you are going between October and March, make ready your thick clothes! Even in summers dont forget to carry a sweater with you.


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