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Oxford / United Kingdom

London Heathrow Airport has well connected more than 40 countries are within a four-hour flight time and upwards of 200 international destinations have direct links to Heathrow Airport, after your arriving it will be possible for you to go this historic education capital Oxford in one hour. In Oxford all the year round, heat degrees doesn't drop under zero however you can not find so many sunny days also but even so, we can say that the weather is inspiring.

This historic city, whose population's more than a quarter becomes from students, is the hometown of so many prestigious and essential universities like Oxford University. In Oxford, who has still observed its historic configuration, discovering the city by bike will be a colorful experience for you. By the way, if you want to use public transportation, you can use buses.

From Oxford, which is the only city you can go 24 hours to London, you can reach just to the center of London in 1 hour. The Oxford University, which is taught to be established in the beginnings of 1100's, consists of 59 different colleges. You can visit most of them from 10 a.m till 16 p.m

In the most south of England, Just before entering from this historic and cultural citie's door, you can visit so many adorable museums like Museum of Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, Pitts River Museum. You will be amazed by their architecture. You may not realize how the time passes when you wandering around Commarket street looking at the shops. If you want to take a breath at this all day long dynamic street, you can find so many cafes and restaurants which serves you really delicious and fine foods.

At this green city, where is Shakespeare's birthplace, you can take a rest at the river park with a small tour. We offer you not leaving the city before visiting Christ Church, which was used as Plato for Harry Potter series. There are so many accommodation possibilities for you. You can stay at the central hotels or if you want cheaper alternatives, you can stay at top line hostels.

From art and history to some of the best universities in the world, it is all here in "The City of Dreaming Spires" . The more famous and well-known attractions in OXFORD include: have a visit to the Museum of History and Science,The Pitt Rivers Museum or Oxford Castle, climb a Carfax Tower with just 127 steps, have a walk in Covered Market and if you are a shopper and by linking to the famous "Alice in Wonderland" stories, Alice's Shop can be found also in Oxford, explore some Oxford Colleges, wander around the Botanic Garden, go ice skating. And more!

Top Tips

Make your reservation for dinner

It is possible to find many restaurants in Oxford that serve the most delicious tastes of different countries. However it is better for you to make rezervation early for Oxford restaurants, you can reserve the best table for dinner by using online booking application

Hometown of education

Oxford is definetly the leading and with its collages mostly known city of the Kingdom about education. During your visit, dont forget to create time for examining important publications in the unique library of Oxford University.

24 hours access to London

Maybe the most important property that makes Oxford different from other countries is having 24 hours access to cosmopolitan hometown London. After almost an 1 hour bus ride, you can arrive the London's most thoroughfare Oxford Street.

For The one's who thinks like

The historical buildings that has been a plato for firstly Harry Potter than for many movies and soup operas will Make your Oxford visit unforgettable. Both its nature and carefully preserved historical configuration are the hit two reasons for you to love Oxford.

from 1700's to Nowadays Covered Market

Oxford Covered Market should definetly be in your Oxford visit guide. It is a bazaar where you can find the freshest fruits and vegetables, bakeries that serve delicious scones, souvenir and fashion shops from 1770. Furthermore here is open everyday of the week.


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