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Edinburgh / United Kingdom

Brooding and beautiful, Edinburgh is a city that inspires and wows in equal measure thanks to its world-class culture, first-rate nightlife, and stunning architecture.

The best way to see the Scottish capital is on foot, climbing steep steps through the Old Town or strolling down the wide boulevards of the stunning Georgian New Town. Both are UNESCO-listed, though neither feel like museum pieces. This is a vibrant, 21st-century city.

That's borne out in the cosmopolitan vibe in the old port of Leith and its impressive selection of pubs and restaurants, as well as the New Town's string of top-end dining establishments. The city's stunning museums, including the excellent Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Scottish National Portrait Gallery, host leading touring exhibitions and have collections which rival London's best spots.

Of course, Edinburgh's cultural currency is largely drawn from its annual festivals. August sees the smallest venues fill with comedy, music and theatre shows of all stripes as the Fringe comes to town. At the same time, the Book Festival attracts the best names in literature, while the International Festival draws crowds to dance performances and classical concerts throughout the month.

The rest of the year is by no means quiet. Visitors can indulge themselves in a country walk up Arthur's Seat (the towering hill above the city that affords views over the Scottish lowlands and out to the Firth of Forth), or they can choose one of the Old Town's numerous pubs for a jar. Come at New Year for the Hogmanay celebrations or pass through in spring to see the city in the grip of rugby fever as the annual Six Nations tournament comes to town.

Head beyond the city to explore Dean Village and go on via pretty Stockbridge, where you'll find a tempting assortment of delis, quirky shops, and cozy boozers. At the heart of nearby leafy Inverleith's century-old mansions is the renowned Royal Botanic Garden, an Edinburgh institution. And don't forget historic Leith, an area immortalized by Irvine Welsh in novels including Trainspotting and Glue.

Edinburgh Sometimes described as the "Athens of the North", it is the capital and cultural center of Scotland for over 500 years and one of the most stunning cities in the world. This city is a photographers dream since there are plenty of beautiful places around this gorgeous city. Edinburgh's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions include, Edinburgh Castle, The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden-the second oldest garden in Britain, Picturesque Grassmarket, the Museum of Childhood- includes excellent collections of old toys, as well as a wide choice of museums and art galleries. Over than 60 years ago, Edinburgh hosts the world's largest arts festival.

Top Tips

The City of Festivals

Edinburg definetly takes its name from festivals. You can schedule your vacation early for the festivals all year long in many fields like cinema, theatre, music.

Listen the Street Musicians

At Edinburg streets, you can come across many street musicians who plays pipes with their traditional Scottish costumes. Give yourself to the rhytems and carpe diem :)

Follow the Historical Marks

There are so many buildings everywhere in the city which bear witness to the centuries old history of Edinburg. You can climb to Calton Hill and visit Edinburg Castle.

Scotish Whisky

When you arrive to Edinburg, dont forget that you are in the Scottish land that is the center of Whiskey fabrication. After your dinner, take a glass of whiskey and have a good rest.


The best way to discover Edinburg is walking. When you stray away and enter the side streets, maybe on the spot there is a nice gift waiting for you to color your vacation.


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