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Cambridge / United Kingdom

With its cobbled streets, twisting river and ancient colleges, Cambridge is without doubt one of the UK's prettiest towns.

Dominated by the 31 colleges of one of Britain's most prestigious universities, it is, at heart, a student town - even if those students are more likely to go on to discover a cure for cancer rather than raise hell on the cobbles.

Indeed, the city's collection of memorials, plaques, and benches are dominated by famous alumni, among them Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and no fewer than 15 British Prime Ministers. The architecture of the colleges is mostly grand, although a guided punting trip past the famous King's College Chapel will give you a glimpse of the University's more human side.

Further along the Cam, you'll find the rickety-looking, wooden Mathematical Bridge, the Wren Library at Trinity College and pretty riverside gardens and parks known collectively as The Backs.

You could always make the experience extra authentic by trying punting yourself (it's far more challenging than it appears), though if you really want to do it properly, take along a punnet of strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

Beyond the city's academic assets, Cambridge is a vibrant spot replete with pubs and restaurants and crammed with museums to boot. Drink at the RAF bar of The Eagle pub, which still has it ceiling decorated with messages left by the airmen who drank there 70 years ago, or plunge into quaint passages set around the historic market place and colleges, where a unique blend of independent shops can be found along familiar high street brands. Catch a student theatrical production or a show at the Arts Theatre; otherwise, see live music or comedy at the Corn Exchange.

When you want to explore beyond Cambridge, there's plenty to choose from: head for the market town of Ely or Wisbech, explore the wonderfully unique Fens or enjoy a sport of horse racing at Newmarket.

Cambridge stands on the East Bank of the River Cam, its only 50 min. away from London-Kings Cross. Cambridge itself is a very lively community with excellent schools, nice parks, nice to cycle places and a lot of entertainments such as Opera, Drama, Music, and Film. Moreover, Cambridge city is also famous for technology. Software and bioscience are core industries operated in Cambridge.

Top Tips

Make a boat tour on Cam River

İt can be possible for you to feel so many times like you are in a scene while wandering in Cambridge. Definetly the most entertaning one is during a boat trip along Cam river, sitting back and watching King's Collage Shapel and the landscape.

A Botanical Heaven in the City Center

The Cambridge University Botanical Garden is exactly one of the most beautiful botanical park example that we are not so much accustomed to see in the city center with its many floral species from 1800's. The timeless beauty of the plants in the garden wil amazes you and make you cant realize how the time passed.

Walking in the same campus with Charles Darwin

You can visit Cambridge University Campus that trains many scientist, writer and artist for 700 years with its 31 collage. Maybe the inspiration is in this campus that you are waiting for unearthing your creativity with its historical and academic atmosphere.

5 O'Clock Tea at Cambridge

Offer the chance of trying different aromatic teas in many cafes at Cambridges joyous streets. While you are drinking your tea at the cafes where you can take a rest with small breaks, you can make new friendships and you can get socialised.

The city of Parks

In Cambridge, popular with its centuries long buildings and green natura, You can make joyous walkings along Cam river coast and at many parks. After walking, cycling is the most comfortable transportation alternative in the city. You can comfortably hire a bicycle for yourself


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