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Brighton / United Kingdom

It's small enough to walk across with a backpack, in your most constrictive party gear, or with a family in tow. Yet you'll find more things to do in Brighton and Hove than will ever fit on the back of a novelty postcard (some of which, given its reputation for inventing the dirty weekend, you may want to keep to yourself).

The sea exerts a magnetic pull on day-trippers, who stream from the station straight down the hill to the beach. Here the gaudy, candy floss-scented Brighton Pier and starling-haunted skeleton of the West Pier (which was destroyed by successive collapses and fires between 2002 and 2004) crouch on the city's shoulders fighting over its soul. In 2016, the controversial i360 tower will join them.

For shopping, take a left out of the station instead, into the warren of independent restaurants, second-hand record and vintage clothes shops collectively known as North Laine. These lead lazily to the sudden regency splendor of the Royal Pavilion and neighboring Brighton Dome arts complex, home of the Brighton Festival.

To the east, Kemp Town, affectionately dubbed Camp Town, offers Brighton's best gay clubs and boutique hotels. A few years ago, the city's reputation for alternative culture had become as faded as a third-hand pair of tie-dye trousers. The recent London Road and Circus Street area redevelopments are refreshing it in new and unexpected ways.

Brighton is a great base for exploring the traditional English countryside and it is the largest and best-known seaside resort on the English Channel. In Brighton there are many specialist shops, lively art scene, and Regency architecture everything's in walking distance, so take time to explore and join

Top Tips

Watch Brighton with bird's eye

Brighton Eye should definetly be the most beautiful place that you can see the unique landscape of the city from. We offer you not to finish your visit before looking to Brighton from this big wave swinger that turns all year long nonstoply.

Shopping at North Lane

In North Lane which is one of the most living area of Brighton, more than 400 cafes, boutiques and shops are waiting for shopaholics. At North Lane, the most frequent destination for tourists, you can also find many things for your taste.

Join the Fotofinish Adventure

Brighton is also undoubtly popular about horse races. You can take your place in the hippodrome to be witness for a race competition two or three days in a week on the season.

Brighton Marina

You can make your meals as a feast with delicious foods at many cafes and restaurants in Brighton Marina. It is also possible to join many activities free of charge on weekends.

Entertainment is at Brighton

In Brighton in the morning you can enjoy the sea and the sun on the beach but at night Brighton offers an amazing entertainment opportunity to its hosts with its joyous nightlife. Colorful night life gives many alternatives to you also to you to enjoy with your friends.


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