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Bournemouth / United Kingdom

The largest resort in Dorset, Bournemouth boasts seven miles of sandy beaches, a vast array of shops, restaurants and holiday accommodation to suit all budgets.

Enjoy Bournemouth's buzzing nightlife with some of the best pubs, bars and clubs to be found along the south coast. You're sure to find plenty of things to do while exploring the biggest resort in Dorset with endless attractions and activities offering all year round entertainment.

Some Bournemouth Highlights
Take in some crisp sea air on a pier to pier walk along the promenade from Bournemouth to Boscombe Pier.

Reward yourself with a bite to eat at one of the fabulous seaside cafes and restaurants once you've reached your destination.

Enjoy an evening out with some live entertainment.

Bournemouth has plenty for all you culture lovers with some of the best entertainment venues around.

The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) and the Pavilion Theatre offer live entertainment from children's shows and comedy to ballet and ice dancing.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and enjoy a traditional trip to the seaside and hire your very own beach hut.

Beach huts are a very British tradition that actually originated in Bournemouth in 1908 - you can even rent the oldest beach hut in the world here in Bournemouth.

Thinking about visiting Bournemouth?
There is so much to do in Bournemouth, you simply won't be able to fit everything into one day.

Instead, why not make your visit a short holiday. For more information on holidaying in Bournemouth, please visit Bournemouth Tourism's official website:

Bournemouth is the city of seven miles of golden sands. Bournemouth's weather is one of the best weather in the UK with the longest life expectancy in Britain. World-class entertainment, fine dining and the home of classical music all you can find here. Bournemouth has been a home to a long list of famous people who were either born here or strongly associated with, like, JRR Tolkien; the author of Lord of The Rings and Hobbit and the Britain's best-known comedian and actors, Tony Hancock brought up in Bournemouth, and the list goes on.

Top Tips

Two wheels Bournemouth

The easiest transportation option in Bournemouth is absolutely using bicycles. You may rent bicycles from all over the town. We suggest you to prefer light coloured and luminous clothes if you ride bike at dark.

Lying down on the beach

Bournemouth is a favorite city for vacations not only for the English, but also for whole Europeans. It would meet your expectations with its prized 7 km beaches.

Does everybody get their umbrella?

Bournemouth charmes everyone with its unique beaches in summers, but it can be rainy and windy city in falls. If you leave the hot summer behind you, do not forget to get your umbrella before going out.

Poole and Christchurch

You may see the effects of whole English rural and nature in those two cute towns approxemetely 15-20 minutes far away from Bournemouth which are worthseeing with its separate houses and historical structures.

Student friendly and Safe City

Whoever you ask about Bournemouth, he/she would give you the answer above. Bournemouth residents get along well with the students from all aroud the world coming for education. Borunemouth residents are friendly, helpful and open for communication as opposed to clasical English sense.


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