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Cape Town / South Africa

You can go to Cape Town after an almost 13 hours flight from different locations around the world and then you can go to city center from Cape Town International Airport in 40 minutes by buses.ın this beautiful city which is situated at Masa Mount's mountain foot, on the contrary to North Hampshire's, the weather is so tempered even in winter season.

Cape Town cuisine mostly consists of meat but they also commonly use vegetables, fruits, and seafood. So different Festivals like Gastronomy, jazz, kite also heats up this city's entertaining atmosphere. The biggest of this festivals is the Cape Town Mistral Carnival.happens in every June. You can spend good times in the shops, cafes and restaurants at Victoria and Alfred harbors, ın the aquarium near to the Victoria harbor, you can see closely so many sea creatures which you have never seen before.

From Alfred Harbor, You can easily go to Dulker islands which is popular with its penguins, or to the Robben Island Jail, nowadays used as a museum, where almost 30 years Nelson Mandela stayed in. With its colorful houses, Bo-Kaap area should be in your Cape Town visit list you can also take a rest at the cafes, bars and Jazz- Blues clubs in The Greenmarket Area. Along with so many popular branding shops, there is also small shops and stands that you can find traditional African style handmade dress and objects. The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is also an interesting place to see for tourists.
You can choose an accommodation for your budget and for your taste in Cape Town

Cape Town is the culinary capital of South Africa.Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the areas surrounding it along the Cape Peninsula are stunning. it's filled with culture and modern living, it has everything from markets to boutiques and it has an adventure. There is so much to do in and near Cape Town. You can eat at any restaurant there with a low price. Cape town and SF have a rich past there are a large number of museums scattered about this city.

Top Tips

the touristic part of the city Waterfront

At Cape Town in Waterfront, there is a big shopping mall also there is a really big aquarium. Everyday in the same hours you can observe feeding sharks in the biggest tank. You can examine the microscopic sea creatures on the booths.

Be careful about transportation and taxi

In Cape Town, one of the mostly known cities of South Africa, there isn't any developed transportation system. Because of this, when you go to Cape Town choose the taxi drivers with hat and dont forget to higgle before driving.

any moment you can confront with an animal

While touring in the city, you can come by with squirrels sized as a big cat and with huge birds with colorful wings. It will be better for you not to go to the unknown streers in Cape Town.

Life Goes On Slowly

More than a city chaos, there is peace and comfort because of being a surfing and beach city. "When going somewhere, if i see a good landscape, I prefer being late where am i going to stop 5 minute and watch the landscape" Says a local Cape Town person.

Start Entertainment from Long Street

Night life in Cape Town is very entertaining at the bars and cafes in Long Street


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