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St. Julians / Malta

You can go Malta's best coastal town St. Julians after an almost 3 hours flight from more than 30 countries and go to city center from the airport in 1 hour by bus. In St. Julians, which has the best beaches in the island, sunbathing on the golden sands and swimming in the coral sea will be your best moments of your Malta vacation.

You can taste delicious seafood at the frontier restaurants in St. Julians, can make new friendships with hospitable St. Julians by making warm talking. At the North part of the city, in Paceville, bars and the nightclubs take the pulse of Malta's colorful nightlife and the parties never stop until sunshine there. In the Northeast of the city, The Balluta Bay is a good address for swim, diving and water sports lovers.

You should also need to visit The Spinola Palace, which takes its name from where it is situated Spinola bay, and it is also used as a restaurant nowadays. You can go to hometown Sliema from St.Julians by walking in almost 30 minutes. You can make your route between historical streets or along deep blue seasides. We offer you seeing nature wonder Blue Grotto sea cove by taking a boat tour from St. Julians put at the top point of your visiting list also there you will see every shade of blue in the morning. It is possible for you to find suitable accommodation alternatives for all budget and taste.

A very popular resort for young, couples and the mature as it tends to get romantic in the evening. In St. Julliand there is no pollution or noise, just quite and serenity. Portamaso Tower, the tallest building in Malta exists in St.jullians. In St. Julians there are plenty of places to discover and enjoy, from prestigious restaurants, bars, and shops to jump into deeper water and snorkeling from the rocks to get into seeing.

Top Tips


Paceville is the area of the city that taste the pulse. Many nightclub are jusapositions where you can enjoy till the morning light with cheap prices.

Never Without Your Camera

Even only the sea landscape of the colorful and historical houses, which are ordered on both sides at the street, can be enough for decorate a frame. Historical buildings and unique wiews will not only create a frame of memory but also create an artist from us.

English Style Traffic

Not only in St Julians but also İn Malta one of the most important things that you should be careful about is the traffic. Traffic is same with England, wheel is on the left and the traffic goes like that.

The Vintage Buses

You can either go by cycling in the city center or you can go to historical parts of the city just in few minutes with white and yellow nostalgic buses by paying few euros.

Make Time For Blue Coves

You can spend your whole day together with sea and sun by taking a boat tour going thorough the coral coves of the city.


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