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Sliema / Malta

You can reach Malta, where is full of islands, after almost a 3 hours flight according to your destination. When you arrive at the Malta International Airport, you can go to this cities dynamic center in 1 hour. So many tourists come to see Sliema this is no doubt because of the cities historic soul and the shopping points which make Sliema center of attraction.

Your first choice for shopping should be Tina Point shopping mall which is also conspicuous with its architecture. When shopping at Tigno Point, where you can find so many popular brands shops, you will forget how the time passed by. If you go down to the seaside the opposite island Valetta's incredible landscape will amaze you also at night when it gets lightened. With its thousands of years history, in this small European Country's hometown Sliema, you can find so many archeological and historical ruins like Elmo and Ricasoli castles.

In Malta, besieged by other countries over the years, you can see the harmony of other cultures with Mediterranian soul closely. Maybe you can see the best wines of Sliema with about trip costs only 10-15 euros.

Walking should be the best choice for transportation in Sliema. Passing between typical Maltese salient houses, you can discover the streets or at the viewing points, built in fronts, you can relieve tiredness. You can try delicious tastes of the island in many cafes and restaurants and you can make new friendships with the warm-blooded people. 

Sliema is the main coastal resort on Malta and the largest residential area. Sliema gives you a chance to discover the true magic of swimming, diving and enjoying all the activities the sea has to offer, along with a little sightseeing in your holiday., food, shopping, and nightlife. Sliema restaurants offer many traditional Maltese cuisines, as well as an international style one from Italian to Indian and Chinese Sliema, is where the where the fashionable shops and boutiques are found, which cover all tastes.

Top Tips

Join Street Festivals

Entertaining festivals are waiting for you all year long at Sliema's colorful streets. With giving rein to glowing soul in the streets, you can make your days more entertaining at Sliema.

Don't Forget Your Sea Shoes

In Sliema, it is not possible to enter the sea from long beaches, you can enter the sea from stones that recumbent like stairs to the sea. Because of this sea shoes will be really helpful for you to reach the blue comfortly.

Warm blooded Islanders

The Sliema people are really warmblooded and hospitable. The high energy of the people bring joy to your days at Sliema. Maybe you can return your home after made a long time relationship in the city.

Soup's on Amigo!

Every football club in Malta has their own restaurants or bars. For example you can taste the Mediterranian island cuisinines most beautiful examples at Sliema Wanderers Football Club Restaurant at affordable price.

Close Your Eyes and Give Yourself to the Tranquilty of Sliema

Even Though in the summers become popular with its chirpy streets, Sliema is also one of the most beautiful destinations to choosen for chilling out and take a rest with its tranquil traffic, clean wheather and walking distance to reach everywhere.


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