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Gozo / Malta

For going Malta's second biggest island Gozo, after almost a 3 hours flight from different destinations to Malta International Airport, you should make a 1 and a half hour trip with the buses which goes to the harbor or with ferries between the two island. Gozo is an exotic island only reachable by ferries.

Fishing and agriculture are the most mainstays of the island. Because of this, you can taste amazing foods prepared by Mediterranean climates most beautiful fruits and vegetables and the fishes get caught. I Gozo you can see so many legendary archeological and historical ruins, maybe there will be your vacation's most relaxing part. In the east part of the island, The Ggantija Temple ruins is an interesting visiting point for tourists.

With its wavy beaches, the deep blue Gozo bays are shown between the Europe's most beautiful diving places You can also discover Gozo's deep blue undersea world like the other thousands of people do. The bazaars, antıque and the local shops at the historical squares and between the narrow streets will interest you. Don't leave Mystic Gozo before seeing the bear witness to centuries St. George Basilica and Gozo Cathedral also the natural beauty Tiega Zaga stone bow should be at the top of this list which became from geological erosions. It is possible for you to find suitable accommodation alternatives for all budget and taste.Gozo is a magical place and beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered. Gozo is the second largest inhabited island in Malta. Gozo is much quieter, safer than Malta and less industrialized and urbanized, and thus able to provide a more relaxing experience and a chance to discover the countryside. Gozo has many incredible sights to offer, from a bit history to tell and sleepy villages to the spectacular coastline, beautiful beaches, transcripts water and its own nightlife with some great dining out.

To discover the true magic of swimming, diving and enjoying all the activities the sea has to offer, Comino is the Island that must be explored. The island's Blue Lagoon, with its safe bathing in bright turquoise waters, makes a memorable day out by boat. The island is tiny in size, with just one hotel, and is surrounded by the most scintillating and transparent waters in the Mediterranean. A natural swimming pool, many snorkels, scuba dive and anchor their yachts for a day of swimming and relaxing. In winter, Comino is great for walkers and photographers. Without urban areas or cars, there is no pollution or noise - just quiet and serenity.



Top Tips

The Sea Foods

Even Gozo culinary serves delicious pastry and traditional tastes to its visitors, maybe the most important thing that you should know before arriving to gozo will be the delicious foods of gozo prepared with sea foods.

Gozo = History

Malta's second biggest island Gozo, with its historical unique wiew comes from ancient times will fascinate you.

Flower Garden Gozo

In April the average climate in Gozo is 17 degree and in this fresh spring weathers whereever you look, you can see warming colorful flowers.

The Blue Coves

After a joyous trip to Gozo with 5 Euro cost ferry ticket, the first thing you should make is when you are just on the pier, take a boat and make a tour to coves which are results from natural wears

Malta's Most Affordable Price

Gozo is the most cost effective choice between the islands where you can spend your holiday. Both food and beverage expenses and accomodation expenses are really cost affective contrast with other cities.


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